Christmas Party: Do’s and Don’ts

Christmas Party: Do’s and Don’ts

The Christmas Party Season has well and truly started, if you are heading out with your place of work over the next few weeks here a few do’s and don’ts that we strongly recommend:

Do: Take Advantage of the Free Meal

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch but what about a free Christmas Dinner? Don’t feel guilty about tucking into the most expensive thing on the menu, opportunities like this only come once a year. A full belly will also help if you plan on celebrating the night with a few drinks and don’t want to wake up with the fear the following morning.

Don’t: Take Advantage of the free alcohol

If you are lucky enough to work somewhere that does a Christmas free bar then it’s easy to overindulge as you take a new found liking to mulled wine and Christmas cocktails. Just keep reminding yourself that the people who surround you tonight will be sitting next to you in the office Monday morning. Do you really need that Irish Coffee at 2am with a double shot of whiskey?  

DO: Be Professional

You are either out with your boss and need to remind them they made a good call hiring you or you are the boss and you need to show the team that you are the leader they hopefully look up to. Either way, common sense needs to prevail here.

Don’t: Talk about work all-night

Look its fine if it’s an ice breaker to a crowd you might not know that well but don’t make it the hot topic of the night. The last thing your colleague wants to hear about is your global strategy for the next quarter as you stuff your face with finger food.

Do: Avoid the mistletoe

Just stay away, it is not worth the drama or possible call from HR.

Don’t: Cry

Try not to get emotional. If you do feel like a little cry, head somewhere private and maybe order water next. It’s a clear sign you’ve had too much fun and let’s not get forever branded as “that one that cried at the Christmas Party”.

Do: Book your taxi home in advance

A lot of Christmas Parties are going to be happening over the next few weeks. Getting a lift home will be near impossible with everyone on the streets hoping to do the same. Take the pressure off and book a time where you know you’ll have had enough.

Don’t: Drive home if you have been drinking

If you are going to drive home then please don’t drink and drive. Even one drink is too many and its not worth the risk to yourself or others.

The Christmas Party is a time for enjoying yourself and for the company you work with to celebrate the good things that happened this year. You’ve earned this night so have fun!

Is your office ready for hot desking

Is your office ready for hot desking

First off, let’s start with a brief explanation of what hot desking is; hot desking is the booking of a desk based on the task at hand and where is the best place to get it done. We love open plan offices but what about the times you really need silence or the opposite situation where you really need to collaborate with staff and therefore need to be close to them? That’s where booking a desk in a new area really shines and when you’re done, it opens back up to the rest of the office.

Desk Essentials

In order to have hot desking in your office you will need to have essential items that stay on the desk, for example; monitors, keyboard & mouse, chargers, Ethernet cable and most importantly access to power outlets. Everything else you will need such as pens, refill pads, phones and laptops will come with you.

One item every hot desk needs is sanitising wipes . In order to have a workable hot desking environment you need a clean area. We recommend cleaning the hot desk before and after you have used it in an attempt to stop any infectious germs or bugs that might be in the office. It’s nearly Christmas, let’s not all spend it blaming each other for passing on the flu.

Adequate Furniture

If you are going to offer your staff this kind of flexibility then you also need to make sure the area is fit for all staff needs. This means fitting a sit/stand desk so that the user has the option of adjusting the height to their needs. An ergonomic chair is also a must. If people leave the hot desk with back pain then they simply won’t use it again, an ergonomic chair being used properly can have some significant results in that area.

As staff will always be on the move it is important to give each member a designated storage compartment. Otherwise documents or personal belongings might end up accidentally in the bins.

We know hot desking is not for every company or type of business but that doesn’t mean it might not be for you in the future, with rising rent costs and more staff opting for flexitime and remote work, it may one day become the new norm.