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Tape Dispensers

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Scotch Pistol Grip Dispenser with 2 Rolls KT000037533
Scotch Non-Slip Desktop Tape Dispenser Black Plastic C38
Rapesco Hand Held Carton Sealer Black TD9600A1
Rapesco Germ-Savvy 500 Tape Dispenser Heavy Duty Black RPTD500B
Q-Connect Plastic Tape Dispenser for 19mmx33m Tape Non Slip Base Black KF01294
Q-Connect Packing Tape Dispenser/Carton Sealer KF01295
Q-Connect Tape Dispenser Extra Large for 25mm x 33/66m Tape Black MPTDPKPBLK
Q-Connect Adhesive Tape 19mm x 33m with Dispenser (Pack of 10) KF27009
Leitz WOW Tape Dispenser Dual Colour White/Grey 53641001
Leitz WOW Tape Dispenser Dual Colour White/Pink 53641023
Leitz WOW Tape Dispenser White/Blue 53641036
Leitz WOW Tape Dispenser Dual Colour White/Ice Blue 53641051
Leitz WOW Tape Dispenser Dual Colour White/Black 53641095
Leitz WOW Tape Dispenser Duo Colour White/Red 53641026
Tape Dispenser With 6 Rolls Polypropylene Tape 50mmx66m (Pack of 6) 9761Bdp01
Safety Tape Dispenser with Retractable Blade 74PD1083
Tape Dispenser Heavy Duty Bench 2 inch 74SL7326
Comfort Grip Tape Dispenser with Brake SL2163SH
Sellotape Hand Case Sealer 50mmx132m 503978
Sellotape Chrome Tape Dispenser Large 25mmx66m 575450
Sellotape On-Hand Dispenser with Invisible Tape 18mmx15m 2379004
Total 21 products

Tape Dispensers at Low Cost Office

Streamline your packaging and office tasks with our selection of tape dispensers designed for efficiency and convenience. Our Sellotape dispenser range offers reliable performance, ensuring smooth and effortless tape application for all your needs. For those who prefer a handheld option, our handheld Scotch tape dispenser provides the flexibility and control you desire, making it easy to handle for various tasks.

When it comes to heavy-duty packaging, our Scotch heavy duty packaging tape dispenser is the ideal choice. Its sturdy construction and ergonomic design make it perfect for sealing boxes securely and efficiently. Keep your workspace organized with our desk tape dispensers, designed to fit neatly on your desk while providing easy access to tape whenever you need it.

Searching for the best Sellotape dispenser? Look no further! Our curated collection features top-notch dispensers that combine durability, functionality, and user-friendly design, ensuring a hassle-free tape dispensing experience every time.

For those involved in frequent shipping and packaging tasks, our packing box tape dispenser is a game-changer. Its efficient design allows for quick and precise tape application, reducing the time and effort required for sealing boxes. With our range of tape dispensers, you'll find the perfect tool to meet your packaging and office needs, ensuring a more organized and productive workspace.

Interested in a Tape Dispenser from Low Cost Office?

Our office supplies shop has an extensive range of sellotape despensers to choose from. Mkae packing that bit easier with Low Cost Office!