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De-Icing Equipment

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De-Icer Trigger Spray 750ml 800-272-0013
White Winter 5kg Bag De-Icing Salt (Pack of 15) 188150
Winter Dry Brown Rock Salt 25kg (Pack of 10) 383579
Winter De-Icing Salt White 25kg (Pack of 40) 383208
Winter Grit Bin 170 Litre Yellow 380176
Winter Polypropylene Snow Pusher 21 Inch Orange 379761
Winter Salt Spreader Blue (30kg Capacity Spread Area of 1.8-3m) 351134
Salt Bag 5kg Pallet of 200 Bags (5kg per bag Complies to BS 3247) 314263
Winter Salt/Grit Bin No Hopper 400 Litre Yellow 317066
Winter Sidewalk Pavement Scraper Ice Breaker 384067
Winter Car Snow Shovel Aluminium (Pack of 5) 383696
30 Litre Grit Bin and 25kg Salt Kit 389113
White Winter 15kg Bag De-Icing Salt (Pack of 30) 379758
White Winter 15kg Bag De-Icing Salt (Pack of 10) 383498
Mobile Salt Spreader 22kg Capacity 380944
Winter Mountain Mover Navy Blue 383690
Winter Maintenance Kit With 200 Litre Grit Bin 360202
Winter Salt/Grit Bin Victorian with Hopper Feed 400 Litre 317076
Winter Lockable Salt and Grit Bin Yellow 400 Litre No Hopper 317074
Winter Snow Shovel Navy Blue (Ergonomically Designed with Polypropylene Blade) 383693
Green Winter Salt and Grit Bin 200 Litre No Hopper 317058
50 Litre Lockable Grit Bin and 25kg Salt Kit 389116
Winter Dry Brown Rock Salt 25kg 384071
Winter Dry Brown Rock Salt 25kg (Pack of 40) 383578
Salt Spreader 57kg Rain Cover Red 380946
Red Plastic 870mm Blade Snow Pusher 379992
Grit/Sand Box 110 Litre Yellow 379941
White Magic Ice Melt 18.75kg Dispenser Tub (Melts ice and snow fast) 320407
Winter Snow Pusher K1 with Integral Wheels Black 390558
Yellow Lockable Salt and Grit Bin Yellow 200 Litre 317063
Yeti Car Shovel Aluminium Black 383696
Red Snoblad Snow Shovel (1500mm Handle) 387979
Handheld Salt Shaker and 2xBags of White Salt 5kg 389106
Dry Brown Rock Salt 25kg (Pack of 20) 384072
Winter Mini Grit Bin Scoop (30 Litre Salt Capacity) 383371
Winter Grit Bin 285 Litre Yellow 380177
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It feels like the winters are getting longer and longer. Snow and ice are never far away in an Irish winter. With the Low Cost Office range of de-icers, grit and salt bins, salt spreaders and grit bins you can make sure your workplace entrance is safe for staff and customer to access.