Delivery Policy

This Delivery Policy is an extract from our Terms and Conditions and is provided for information purposes only. For full details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Delivery Address

Delivery will be to the delivery address selected or provided by you in the Ordering Web Pages. If no address was selected, then delivery will to the address at which your payment card is registered, or to any other address you have provided. Please note that we only deliver to premises located in the Republic of Ireland (Excluding Northern Ireland). If we deliver elsewhere then we may charge you our delivery costs.

Delivery Days

We only deliver on Working Days within the working hours specified on our Website (or if not specified, between 9am to 5.30pm). Any statements as to delivery within a number of days should be read as Working Days, and if a bank or other public holiday falls within any delivery period then you should allow an extra two Working Days for delivery. If you order after 4p.m., please calculate your delivery time as if your order had been placed the following Working Day.

Delivery Timescales

We will use reasonable efforts to deliver the Goods by the delivery dates or within the delivery timescales stated in the Ordering Web Pages, or our standard delivery timescales stated on our Website, if a specific timescale has not been stated in the Ordering Web Pages. However, delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen factors beyond our control and therefore delivery times are not guaranteed. If we do not make a delivery date and we fail to deliver within a further 30 days, then you may cancel the Contract and obtain a refund of any amounts you have paid under the Contract. This shall be our sole liability and your sole remedy for late or non-delivery.


We may make delivery of the Goods by installments.

Failure to Receive the Goods

If delivery is attempted within our stated delivery hours and you are not present to collect the Goods or you unreasonably refuse to take delivery of the Goods, then we may charge you our reasonable costs of returning the Goods to the depot, our reasonable costs of storage, and our reasonable charge for re-delivering the Goods at another time. We will give you the option of collecting the Goods from our premises or requesting further delivery attempts (at reasonable charge). We will store the Goods for a maximum of 2 months, after which we may sell the Goods and account to you for the proceeds less our reasonable storage costs.

Delivery Note

All deliveries must be signed for before our carrier will release them to you. Signing for delivery is for simple proof of receipt purposes and will not affect any of your other rights. Please make sure you keep the packing list enclosed with your Goods, as this will be important if you are returning the Goods later on.


Unless an installation services applies to the Goods, you will be responsible for unpacking and installation of any Goods.

Inspection on delivery

When you receive the Goods you should immediately inspect them for damage and faults, and you should inform us by end of the following Working Day if you do not consider that you have received the Goods you ordered, and within 10 Working Days of receipt of the Goods if you consider that the Goods are faulty or damaged, otherwise the Goods will be considered to have been correctly delivered, free from damage or faults and in Good working order. This will be without prejudice to any damage or fault you could not have discovered on reasonable inspection of the Goods.


Risk in the Goods shall pass to you on delivery.

Retention of Title

Title to the Goods passes to you on delivery, unless the Price or any other amount payable by you is outstanding at delivery, in which case title is retained by us until you have paid in full the Price and all other amounts payable under the Contract. You agree that we may still sue for the Price, notwithstanding that title has not passed. You also agree that your right to possession and use of the Goods shall cease if any amount payable by you under the Contract becomes overdue, or you enter into liquidation or administration, and that we shall be entitled to enter any premises where the Goods are kept for the purposes of repossessing them.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions or any aspect of your order, please contact us using the contact details set out in the About Us page of the Website.

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